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History of Changes and Fixes

Version 5.0 (Jan. 4th, 2010)
Added two compilers support:
    Intel C++ Compiler;
New implemented dockable user interface. Support customable toolbar.
Support GUI debugging with Debugging Tools for Windows (cdb.exe) in C-Free.
Support hex data editing/printing.
Support opening and saving UTF-8(With BOM or No ROM)/UTF-16 files.
Support adding file directory into project directly.- Added wxWidgets, FLTK, GTK+, Qt project wizard.
Added GLUT, GLFW project wizard.
Support window splitting in source editor.
Added batch building for project.
Speed up C/C++ code parsing.
Auto closing bracket in editor.
Creates Implementation for existing function declaration.
Dozens of small improvements.
Bug fixes
Version 4.1  (Sept. 9th, 2008)
Enhanced C/C++ code analysis, to improve stability and fault tolerance;
Added Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008 compiler support.
Added Borland C++ Builder compiler support.
Added MS eMbedded Visual C + + 4.0 project conversion.
Added MS Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008 project conversion.
Support drag and drop the Visual C++ 6.0, Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008 project into C-Free to open.
Added "Open With" selection in context menu of File List window.
Elimination of code tips residues in the code editor window.
Fixed the UI language switching bug.
Added Astyle as a tool to do code formatting.
When document is modified in the external, C-Free unable to tip timely.
Speed up opening project.
Speed up file dependency checking before making project.
Save workspace in project group.
Support displaying different data format in Watch window when debug.
Added "attach to process" debugging.
Added "Call Stack" window when debugging.
Improved debugging stability.
Cancel all line indicators when reloading file.
Modified default new project directory to My Document folder.
Modified default new file directory to My Document folder.
Allow Normal User or Power User to use C-Free in Windows 2000/XP/Vista.
Modified "Find Reference" result dialog window.
Bug fixes.
Version 4.0
Enhanced syntax color for C/C++ code.
Added "find in files" function.
Support rich text in Message window
Print utilities (print, print preview, page setup).
Copy code as HTML.
Append text to clipboard.
Regular expression searching text.
List all symbols after code parsing.
Go to source scope (Jump to definition, declaration).
Project group supported.
Enhanced "New Project" function.
Locate to project directory.
New designed building system, support multi-compilers.
New "Build Options" dialog.
Customizable code template.
Customizable shortcuts of whole environment.
Customizable code insight (code completion, code parameters).
Enhanced Smart input (namely Intelligence Input in 3.5 versions).
Added symbol window.
Added classes/functions window.
Configurable external tools.
Configurable help documents .
Project converter.
Clean project temporary files that generated while building.
Add Pre-Action and Post-Action executions.
Bug fixes.

Version 3.5.2

Added "File Browser" window.
More kindly "New Project" dialog.
Added "Column Selection" function of Code Area.
Added drag and drop function in File List window.
Added bookmark function. you can use bookmarks to save and locate the editing position in Code Area.
Added support for Ch. Ch is an embeddable C/C++ interpreter for cross-platform scripting, shell programming, 2D/3D plotting, numerical computing, and embedded scripting. C/Ch/C++ allow users to use one language, anywhere and everywhere, for any programming tasks. More information about Ch, please visit
Version 3.5
Allow exporting source code as RTF or HTML file.
Allow showing line number in Editor.
Auto indent of line when coding.
Auto matching "}" to "{" with same distance of indent.
Intelligence Input. C-Free can memory the words (identifiers or keywords) that you have typed. When you type one or two letters of these words later, C-Free will tip the word that you want, then you press the "Enter" key, the word will automatically be inputted into the edit area.
More intelligent building project. Without makefile, C-Free can build the changed files of project smartly.
Added "DOS Shell" in the Tools menu.
Added "Full Screen" in the View menu, which can full screen edit area.
Added "Comment" and "Uncomment" in the editor's right-click popup menu. You can add or remove comments in your program conveniently. 
Bug fixes
Version 3.0
Allow scrolling the horizontal scrollbar of Message window.
The selected item in the File Tree window corresponds to the opened file in editor.
Allow setting building Directories, so user can use other function libraries.
Added "ASCII Chart" in the View menu.
Added "Language" in the View menu. You can select the language of Chinese or English.
Added "View Functions" button on the File Tree window. The File Tree window displays all functions that the current opened file contains. If there is a project opened, the File Tree window displays the whole functions contained in the files of the project. 
Sorting Functions in 3 kinds of sequence.
Added "Previous Cursor Position" and "Next Cursor Position" in the Search menu.
Allowing building C file with C89 standard (ISO 9899:1990).
Complete Debugging function. C-Free use GDB for you to debug program. The "Debug" menu 
contains almost all debugging commands in common use.
Breakpoint management, by which you can set breakpoint condition.
Allow setting active building configuration as Debug or Release.
Added "Editor Properties" in the Tools menu. 
Added "Message Cracker" tool, which is convenient for you to using Windows Message crackers when programming Windows application.
Added "Dialog Editor" tool, which can edit dialog resource.
Support of templates for creating your own project types, you can Quickly create Windows, 
console, and DLLs.
C/C++ library reference integration.
Bug fixes
Version 2.0
Added "Insert code template" in the editor's right-click popup menu. You can input the common use code quickly.
Added "Go to line" in the search menu.
Added "Find in Files" in the search menu. You can search text in files of all opened files, all project files or a certain folder.
Fixed following bugs:
  • User can open more than one instance of C-Free.
  • Can not open the file that have space character in its name.
  • Can not add link file (.lib, .a file) into project.
  • Not stable when building.
  • Many bugs of graphic interface. 
Version 1.0
Syntax highlighting C/C++ editor.
Complete text search and replace function.
Simple project management function.
Support MinGW compiler system. C-Free can use MinGW to compile, build single file or project 
files as well as display building result message and can locate to the error or warning positions of source codes according to the messages.
Use "Recent Projects" and "Recent Files" commands, you can open the recent files or projects.




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